29th March 2022

Why is building customer profiles crucial to marketing success? 

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Paul Wojciak
Senior Planning Analyst
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Creating and then refreshing your customer personas regularly is an important part of the media planning and delivery process. Understanding who your current customers are (especially the best ones), the media they consume and their motivations, likes and dislikes can help you find more like-minded people, and is an important first step to delivering marketing campaign success.

It doesn’t matter what you do, every type of business and organisation will get value from understanding precisely who their target customers, partners, supporters or clients are. Whether you are a retailer, B2B brand, charity, financial services provider or house builder the insights will help drive business growth.    

Why should I create data driven customer personas – I know who my customers are!

It is understandable to assume that you know who your customers are, the media they consume and where to find them, after all, they are your customers.

However, every client we have created customer personas for, have been surprised by the results.   

You may well understand your customers in a broad-brush way, in fact we are sure you do, but there are often key insights hidden in your data. Customer profiling and building detailed customer personas can be the difference between executing campaigns that perform well and campaigns that deliver outstanding results!    

How do you build data driven customer personas?

The first step is to identify your best customer groups – you might have several groups that are valuable for different reasons such as:

  • High value individual purchases made infrequently
  • Frequent but lower value regular purchases
  • Subscribers
  • Advocates for your brand

Using your customer data and various third-party tools we build personas that define your best customers’ demographic, geographic, financial, psychographic and life stage profiles, their media consumption habits, attitudes and propensities, likes and dislikes.

The tools we use include Experian, Mosaic 7 and Mosaic Financial segmentation and a range of industry-leading research tools to build a picture of attitudes and propensities. This research is overlaid with media consumption habits to build a rich picture of each key customer segment unique to your business.

We can even build indicative personas for clients without much customer data too. We will use what information you have and study competitors and your market to build research informed target persons to help start-up organisations ensure their marketing campaigns work well from the beginning.

What will the benefits be to my business? 

‘The first step to finding more customers is to understand who your current customers are ‘

Data driven customer personas will help you to identify new opportunities for growth through:

  • Better performing customer acquisition campaigns targeting specific audience segments
  • better use of channels and media, informing multi-channel campaign planning
  • creative development that addresses your customers’ motivations
  • offers that resonate with your customers
  • product design that customers will love
  • more effective CRM campaigns.

Using the target audience personas of your high value customer groups will allow you to create actionable insights to grow your market share through more effective new customer recruitment and better development of existing customers. The insights will directly inform your communication and marketing strategy, as well as your product development.

You will be able to:

  • Tailor communication style, images and language in ads and CRM communications to resonate with target markets
  • Tailor offers to attract new customers and drive repeat purchases through more effective CRM campaigns
  • Easily communicate your targets internally and to third party publishers and your agency

Not only will accurate, data driven customer profiles empower your customer acquisition campaigns helping to inform better targeting, they will inform your creative development, product development and CRM activities, delivering value across your whole marketing and communications landscape.   

Whether you have already defined your target customers, are at the very start of the discovery journey, or somewhere in between, equimedia can help you through the process and give you the insights you need. We offer a range of customer profiling services so please take a look  and then fill in the form to book your FREE consultation with one of our experts, and receive a FREE Summary Audience Report. We would love to hear from you and are here to help.