9th January 2024

LinkedIn product map 2024 reveals opportunities for B2B advertisers

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Amisha Rathod
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LinkedIn’s Advertising opportunities evolved over the course of 2023 with the introduction of new formats such as Click to Message ads and the development of tools such as Website Events, which enable advertisers to automatically track on-site actions and conversions via the Insight Tag.

The 2024 roadmap reveals LinkedIn’s plans to cement itself as a go-to platform for B2B Marketers. Here are some highlights.

Connected TV now a beta test

LinkedIn’s Audience Network has always offered an opportunity for off-platform ads to help drive reach and scale for campaigns. Introducing Connected TV as an ad format could be a real game-changer for the platform. Leveraging LinkedIn’s targeting capabilities with high-impact TV advertising offers advertisers the ability to create brand awareness within premium environments.

Currently the beta is most useful to advertisers who want to reach audiences in North America, given the inventory sources are NA based broadcasters such as Fox Sports. Videos can be 15 or 30 seconds long and are non-skippable.

This is definitely a development to keep an eye on. With CTV rising in popularity as TV viewing habits shift towards streaming platforms and ad-supported subscriptions grow, it could become an interesting opportunity.

Buyer Group Targeting

Planned to launch in H2 2024, this new targeting function will give advertisers a way to target a group of key influencers and decision makers using LinkedIn’s proprietary data and intent signals.

No examples have been shared yet, but this could be targeting groups created around specific product types, similar to LinkedIn’s ‘in-market’ audiences, where you can target users who have shown an interest in a particular product or service.

Given the complexity around B2B buying journeys and the number of stakeholders often involved, this is a positive move to allow advertisers to target a group of relevant job titles without having to manually select them.

Accelerate Campaigns

This is the LinkedIn equivalent to Meta’s Advantage+, leveraging AI to support campaign creation. Due to launch in H1 2024, advertisers can select Audience Signals giving the campaign a starting point, which then dynamically evolves once the campaign is active and further engagement signals from the campaigns are fed into the predictive model.

It’s no surprise that LinkedIn are bringing in an AI solution, as this is now becoming an expected feature on ad platforms.

Running an A/B test between an Accelerate Campaign and a traditional campaign would provide useful insight into the effectiveness of the AI solution.

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