8th November 2023

AI at the centre of 2024 trends reports

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It’s that time of year, when our social media timelines will be inundated with content about trends for the upcoming year. I’ve reviewed some of the latest reports and it’s no surprise that AI is front and centre! Here’s what industry experts are saying.

AI predictions for 2024

Starting with Accenture’s Life Trends Report, they talk about how generative AI is creating two-way conversations meaning people are feeling more “digitally understood” and it will become easier for people to find the most personally relevant products and services. They see this as an opportunity for brands to create a “human-like” representation, resulting in deeper and more meaningful connections with consumers.

However, the Mintel Global Trends 2024 highlights that the increasing prominence of AI is a cause for concern for UK consumers, specifically in relation to having to interact with AI. This is something Nationwide are conscious of, and recently called out Nat West on social media, quoting an article from the Telegraph about Nat West’s plans to use AI for their chatbots. Nationwide’s recent ad campaign has focused on its efforts to keep branches open and offering customers the opportunity to speak to a person rather than interacting with chatbots.

The question is, will the AI powered chatbot deliver a better customer experience? Forbes - Top 5 Marketing Trends for 2024 believes this is likely to be the case. They state that “AI-driven conversations provide a seamless and personalized experience, increasing customer satisfaction”. Time will tell how we’ll respond to AI chatbots as brands experiment further with how AI can support and enhance customer service in 2024.

Kantar Media Trends 2024 touches on the use of AI in creative optimisation, but with this comes questions around intellectual property issues and copyright. This is increasingly becoming a core theme in debates around the use of AI, and recently the IPA and ISBA launched their 12 Guiding Principles for the Use of AI in Advertising. This came alongside the recent 2023 AI Summit held in Bletchley Park. 2024 will no doubt be a key year that challenges the ethics of AI, and further initiatives are likely to follow.

We understand the value AI brings, alongside the human intervention needed to get the best out of it. Our services have naturally evolved with AI, and with the removal of cookies from Chrome browsers in 2024, AI will continue to play a big role across our service delivery. Learn more about how you can prepare for the cookieless future by watching our Masterclass “Effective Digital Marketing in the Age of Privacy” . We also have a free checklist available for you to review how prepared you are.

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Author Amisha Rathod