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Our S-Curve growth model.


To meet Panasonic's extremely challenging growth objectives, we developed an audience-centric programmatic display campaign, combined with a sophisticated paid search strategy. Our campaign helped deliver a 28% increase unit sales growth, an 80% reduction in cost per response year-on-year, and 3% market growth for Panasonic.

We were able to achieve Aldermore's ambitious growth targets by using a marginal gains focus and unpicking all channels to find areas for improvement, before putting the strategy back together to achieve huge volume and efficiency improvements. The results were a 181% increase in sales volume and a 29% reduction in CPA.

The s-curve is designed to scale growth and deliver sales spikes at pace.

Sustainable growth...

We build the foundation for scalable growth, increasing your sales volume cost-efficiently.

"Having worked with equimedia previously I knew that they were the correct partner to drive our digital performance forward. We needed an agency that would immediately deliver an improvement in results; and I haven't been disappointed.“

Helen Walsh
Head of Digital Marketing
Aldermore Bank
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We put time, effort and research into understanding your target market, building insights into your customer behaviour with media.

This allows us to deliver a fast 's-curve model'. We know that you'll see steady growth before a rapid increase, reaching the maximum point of growth before leveling out.

But don't worry, we are ready for this plateau over time and are focused on aligning your business ambitions with new targeting techniques, identifying opportunities to keep you ahead of your competitors and seeing continual growth!

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